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How can we empower you to help transform education for all students?

What is the purpose of AssistEd Shift?


The goal of AssistEd Shift is to assist in the transformation of education in order to provide students the education they deserve.  The world is changing at exponential rates.  The skill set that students need to succeed in this digital age has changed greatly over the last decade.  Although many core fundamentals remain, it is increasingly important to help prepare students for their futures by learning:


  • how to communicate & collaborate with a wide variety of people, in a world with evolving technology

  • how to properly use a wide variety of hardware and software technology tools

  • how to teach digital citizenship and internet safety.

  • how to think critically

  • how to think creatively

  • to become passionate lifelong learners

  • to become compassionate citizens

  • inquiry skills

  • problem solving skills

  • how to self-brand themselves and create a positive digital footprint 

  • how to be self-advocates for their own health and well-being

  • .....and most importantly, to LEARN HOW TO LEARN!





Change is difficult, and the transformation of education will not be easy.  Education, however, has become disconnected with the evolving "real-world".  AssistEd Shift would love to help empower anyone who is working towards change in education to prepare students for this dynamic 21st century.  AssistEd Shift would also like to work to share everything great about education, empower students with platforms and authentic audiences, and help provide engaging, real-life, relevant, and rigorous lessons as well as resources that will help transform the education experience.


We are excited to be part of the transformation of education, and we hope you are as well.  Please join us today!  Let us know how we can help.

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Transforming Education Podcast Episode #1 

Join Oliver Schinkten (@schink10) and Ronald Crowley (@bigroncrowley) as they talk education!

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