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Starr Sackstein

Teaching Mythology Exposed:  Helping Teachers Create Visionary Classroom Perspective


Mishaps that resulted in tears and a constant questioning of my choice to switch careers are the short story of my earliest teaching memories. Fortunately, looking back, I can laugh at the many foibles of that experience - It's with love that I invite you new or older teaching professionals to embrace this miraculous journey. This book will help ease the growing pains of being a teacher offering professional reflection and connection. You are not alone!

Blogging for Educators:  Writing for Professional Learning

Join the education blogosphere with this easy, go-to guide!

This engaging, all-in-one resource from expert blogger Starr Sackstein takes educators by the hand and guides them through the step-by-step process of blogging. You’ll quickly turn snippets of writing time into a tool for reflective and collaborative professional growth. Instructive sample blog posts from sites like Blogger and Wordpress, and generous examples and resource listings help busy educators learn:

  • The value of blogging for professional learning

  • Best practices for safe digital citizenship

  • How to deal with the technical aspects of blogging

  • Platform building tips and writing ideas

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