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Genius Hour / 20% Time


Genius Hour, also known as 20% Time, is a concept utilized by companies such as Google, 3M, and others.  These companies allow their students a certain percentage of their work week (ex: 20%) to work on something they are passionate about, as long as it is an attempt to benefit the company, employees, etc...  During this time, employees are able to take a change on a big idea they have, get time to work on something they believe can be successful, and work on something they are truly passionate about.  This concept has been carried over into education with excellent results.  In Daniel Pink's book, titled Drive, he explains that the three main factors required for intrinsic motivation are: autonomy, purpose, and mastery.  He then explains why this 20% Time concept is effective at attaining this type of environment.

















When applied in an educational setting, the 20% time concept allows students to identify their passions, become passionate about learning, LEARN HOW TO LEARN, develop self-directedness, feel free to take risks, plan, design, and create projects for authentic audiences, and attempt to make an impact on the world as they learn.  There are so many reasons that Genius Hour and 20% are beneficial.  In our opinion, every student in the world deserves to experience this concept at school.  It is the perfect tool to reach every student, teach students to learn how to learn, personalize education, empower students, and develop a large number of "teachable moments".  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions regarding this concept.  Our PLN is connected with some of the pioneers in this field including Kevin Brookhouser, A.J. Juliani, Joy Kirr, Paul Solarz, Gallit Zvi, Denise Krebs, and more.   Students deserve this!

Daniel Pink: DRIVE
The book that began the 20 Time and Genius Hour revolution!

Daniel Pink and his book Drive was the driving force behind the 20 Time and Genius Hour movement in education.  

Pink explains the key components of intrinsic motivation including autonomy, purpose, and mastery.  This book is a must read for educators, parents, and coaches.  This may be the best $10 you have ever spent.

Joy Kirr's Live Binder collection of Genius Hour and 20 Time resources, examples, stories, and supporting information is an amazing resource!  There is a plethora of good things available on this site.  Check it out immediately!

Kevin Brookhouser's TED Talk on 20% Time in the classroom is the perfect starting point for being introduced to this concept.  Kevin explains the concept, reasoning behind it, and gives student examples.  Watch for Kevin's new book The 20Time Project which will be released soon!

A.J. Juliani
Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom: Using 20% Time, Genius Hour, and PBL to Drive Student Success

Another expert on 20% Time is A.J. Juliani.  If you want to learn more about "all things" 20% time, we highly recommend reading everything A.J. has written about the subject.  A.J.'s blog "Teach Different" is filled with resources and reflections. Purchase his book Titled:



Paul Solarz
What's Going on in
Mr. Solarz' Class
Don Wettrick
Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level

Don Wettrick believes in inspiring and implementing innovation into education. His "Innovation Teacher" website and his new book discusses the 20% concept and how it helps to create a culture of innovation that can reach far beyond only 20% of time in class.  Check out his new book titled:




Paul is one of the best educators on the planet and creates some of the best resources & lessons. Check out his ideas on Passion Projects.



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