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The Education Revolution is on. Things are changing at exponential rates and many schools are struggling to implement relevant, 21st century learning which incorporates technology and the skills necessary for students to be successful.  We need change!


There are many innovative educators out there who have been sharing their success stories, lessons, resources, and ideas with the world via social media.  New topics in education are rising up at exponential rates.  Many of these innovative concepts have began to revolutionize education, engage students, and change the world.  Topics such as Genius Hour, 20-Time, MakerSpace, Gamification, Coding, Flipped Classes, Augmented Reality, 21st Century Skills, Project based learning, inquiry based learning, community-based learning, and hundreds more.

How are you supposed to keep up with all of this?  Keeping up with everything would obviously be impossible.  Nobody expects you to know all of them.  You can, however, learn a LOT about these concepts by reading the books that we have gathered to show you and why they are implemented, how they are implemented, and how they are changing the world as they revolutionize education.


We recommend all of these books.  These books are by passionate authors who have a lot to offer.  I do not think you will be disappointed with these books, as they are sure to open your eyes to possibilities, invoke thought, and help you implement the change that our students deserve in order to be successful in their futures.



Every once in a while, a concept comes along which completely changes the way a specific field is viewed.  Dweck's clear explanation of growth vs. fixed mindsets, the research behind them, and the implications, makes the book Mindset, by Carol Dweck, an example of one of these "game-changers". 


Carol Dweck, a renowned psychologist from the University of Stanford, provides groundbreaking information on factors which affect the way we learn.  The book discusses topics such as motivation, self-esteem, and personal growth and how they are affected by a person's mindset.  


In my opinion, this book should be required reading for all educators.  The book will leave you in deep thought, and have you thinking about ways you can implement these concepts to make your life, school, classroom, or job more efficient and effective.


                                                                                                Review by: Oliver Schinkten



This book will change the way you view other people.  


The New Psychology of Success

by: Carol Dweck




Recommended Reading:  Books which are helping transform education

All books listed on AssistEd Shift are ones that fit with our philosophy of transforming education through:


- Engaging Students in learning

- Providing authentic learning experiences with authentic audiences

- Personalized Learning Experiences

- Teaching the whole child - becoming more than a minor league system for colleges

- Community and parental involvement

- Implementing Technology

- Implementing 21st Century Skills

- Fostering Creativity and Innovatin

- Multidisciplinary

- Respect to the professionalism, diversity, style, and experiences of each teacher/administrator

- Providing autonomy, purpose, and mastery

- Teaching Problem Solving

- Inquiry-Based

- Making school relevant, engaging and fun

- Empowering students to CHANGE THE WORLD as they learn

- Inspiring life-long learners

- Teaching students to learn how to learn


The books have been divided into three categories:  


1.  Books which inspire, empower, motivate, shift perspectives, and give strategies in education

2.  Books which are resources that can be used to create lessons with students.

3.  Books that are not intended to be specific to education, but have strong implications towards transforming education.


We are continuing to add books.

Some of the books appear in multiple categories.




Any books purchased through the AssistEd Shift links to Amazon, result in a small percentage contribution towards the website development and operations.

Mindset & Similar Books:

Purchase Mindset and other books through AssistEd Shift and you help contribute to the website!


"If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters."

The AssistEd Shift project is being funded out of pocket.  Although the purpose remains to help inspire and implement change in education, it is only possible for it to be sustainable if it generates some money to pay for operational costs.  We have worked hard to talk to companies that share a similar vision of education and continue to work hard to find the best products, resources, and deals for educators.


We had planned to list the tools and resources we recommend on the website and provide links to purchase them.  In researching this, we found that If these items are purchased through this website, we earn a small percentage of the sale.  This is wonderful, as this may be a way to sustain the site.  We will not publish any recommendations or promotions for anything that we do not feel is a wonderful resource which we already use or would like to use.  There are no USED CARS on this site!!!


If you decide to purchase any of the tools or resources listed on these pages, please consider ordering them through the links on this page, as this provides funding for the website.


If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know at:

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