December 3, 2014

It was about the 50th time I heard a student say; “Why are we writing? This is science not literacy.” or “Why are we doing math, this is science?”  They really did not understand. They did not see the connection between these different content areas and the skills they...

November 20, 2014


Take this quick quiz.  You should do fine.


Which of the following is worth more?


A.  Diamonds

B.  The Mona Lisa

C.  Oxygen
D.  Water


Do the research.  You will find out that the obvious answer is:


#1: The Mona Lisa is BY FAR worth the most.

#2: Diamonds are easily in sec...

November 15, 2014

*** I need to start this blog off by saying that over the past three years I have talked with over 200 businesses, organizations, and community members and asked them "What do students need to learn in order to be successful in the real world?"  The most common answer...

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