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What is AssistEd Shift?

AssistEd Shift is intended to be a resource that helps empower anyone wanting to help improve education by incorporating 21st century skills, technology, and authentic learning experiences.  The goal of this website is to help empower those who are working to empower kids and deliver them the educational experience they deserve in order to be successful in everything they do in their future.


There are thousands of connected educators across the world who believe strongly that education needs a transformation.  Together we can make the AssistEd Shift website the "Wikipedia of 21st Century Educational Resources" by contributing our resources, lessons, ideas, stories, and support for anyone who is willing to work to implement change.












How can you use it?

Absolutely everyone!  Hopefully, in our exponentially changing world, the AssistEd Shift website will be a resource that everyone on the planet can contribute to.  The site has the potential to be:

  • go-to resource for all educators & parents to find ideas & lessons

  • valuable resource for administrators to obtain 21st Century Professional Development ideas, videos, and resources

  • platform for schools, of all levels, to connect, collaborate, and improve one another.

  • the business world to connect with education providing insight, expertise, and resources and evolving our communities into 24-7 learning grounds.

  • students to obtain resources, advice, express concerns, and share their successes with the world.

  • a platform in which experts can share their expertise in the areas they are passionate about and provide resources for educators, students, and the community.

  • community members to help provide feedback and insight into education.

  • community members to help provide the biggest "Game Changer" in effective education:  Authentic Audiences!







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Our Team

AssistEd Shift

How can you help!

The saying, "It takes a village to raise a child" is an understatement.  In order to improve our education system and inspire passionate lifelong learners who are prepared to be successful in our complex and uncertain future, it is going to take everyone.


Ways you can help use this website to transform education:


  • Educators already transforming education - please share any resources that have helped you transform education with your students.  There are plenty of standardized tests and irrelevant worksheets online, but there are not enough resources that can engage students, empower students, and transform education.  Please share anything and everything that may empower other educators around the world to also begin improving the educational experience for their students.

  • Educators who need support, ideas, or resources be the role model that our students need.  Step outside of your comfort zone. Try some new lessons, activities, practices.  If they fail, modify them for your specific audience and try them again.  Most educators who believe that education needs to be transformed, admit that they do not know where to begin.  As this website grows, continue to use the available resources to help empower you to empower students.

  • Administrators use this website to share your stories and resources of how you are transforming education in your school.  Look to the website to find resources, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for your staff, and advice from others who are doing what you are doing.

  • BusinessesPLEASE, offer us your insight into how we can better prepare students for the real-world (and not only for the brick box we call school).  Help create a community of learning by providing expertise, advice, resources, and opportunities for educators, and more importantly, for students to use to learn, discover their passions, and change the world!

  • Community membersPLEASE, provide insight into how we can better prepare students for the real world.  This encompasses not only the business and career world, but the real world in which our students will eventually live in as parents, spouses, voters, self-advocates, caretakers, friends, and independent, happy, and healthy people.  School can no longer act as only a minor league system for colleges and careers.  Your advice and insight is important.  The biggest contribution you can make is to help provide an AUTHENTIC AUDIENCE for our students.  When students must problem solve, collaborate, create, and communicate with the "real world", they are motivated and empowered to step up their effort.  There will be ample opportunities to help.

Together We Stand.  Divided We Fall

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 Why AssistEd Shift?  

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